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Handmade Sea Salt Butter Caramels 1 lb. Pink Heart Mothers Day Gift Box

Nashville Fudge Kitchen
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Look no further for the perfect Caramel Mother's Day Gift Box.

Our homemade slow cooked caramels with sea salt are a customer favorite. We slow cook the caramel in our copper pot then finish by hand rolling each caramel for your pleasure.

These soft, chewy caramels come in 1 lb Heart gift boxes and with FREE Shipping and they will have you coming back for more.

What customers are saying...

"The caramels are amazing. They are soft and have a buttery caramel flavor. I recommend them to anyone who is a caramel lover."

"I can tell you that these caramels are the best I've ever had, the popcorn is very tasty, and the gummy bears are so fresh"

"These delicious creations are the absolute best when it comes to flavor, consistency and satisfaction. Don't be fooled into buying only one box because you will be disappointed when they are gone."

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