Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge

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Smooth and creamy Birthday Cake fudge is a party in your mouth!  

We make our creamy Chocolate Birthday Cake Fudge the old-fashioned way with pure cane sugar and cream. Add in Birthday cupcake bites and sprinkles - heaven! Cooked up to temperature in our copper pot, then poured on a marble slab, and hand paddled with care.  Our loaf is then garnished with sprinkles for the ultimate finishing touch.  After the cooling process, we hand slice the fudge into 1/2-pound slices.  Our fudge does not melt and requires no refrigeration.  It will last for weeks covered at room temperature. 


Our 10 step process:

  • Batching | Cooking | Pouring | Cooling | Creaming | Loafing | Setting | Cutting | Selling | Eating

With so many delicious flavors to choose from, we have an online special - BUY 5 slices, GET THE 6TH slice FREE!