Assorted Gourmet Cordial Valentine's Gift Box variety 6 different Cordial flavors. Bourbon, Brandy, Irish Cream, Rum

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We have created the ultimate Valentine's Day, or other special occasion Gift Box full of amazing, flavored cordials. Our beautiful medium Red Window gift box contains an assortment of 6 delicious confections that are a delicious mix of milk chocolate cordial.

Amaretto Cordials (0.35 oz bag)
Irish Cream Cordials (0.35 oz box)
Bourbon Cordials (0.35 oz box)
Rum Cordials (0.35 oz box)
Blackberry Brandy Cordials (0.35 oz box)
Tiramisu Cordials (0.35 oz bag)

The addition of these beautiful window box will surely delight your special loved one this Valentine's Day.

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